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My name is Kadijah; my favorite color is blue.  My favorite animal is a sea turtle or tortoise. I am 12 years old. When I grow up I want to be a marine biologist because I have always loved the ocean and the animals in the ocean. I have a brother and two sisters named Izek, Sofia, and Shalece. My mom and dads names are Andrea and Robert. I have 1 pet named charlie; he is a Russian land tortoise. I love school; my favorite subject in school is math and science.

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  1. trinity2am at |

    Hey There,
    I thought your blog was sooo cool that your favorite animal was a sea turtle! Have you ever seen one before?
    My favorite color is blue as well, go check out my blog to see if we have anything else in common: http://trinity2am.edublogs.org/


  2. Miss W. at |

    G’day Kadijah,
    Glad you love sea animals and fancy having a land tortoise for a pet. Have you even been diving among the sea animals like dolphins or seals?


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